It has been a year since the first COVID-19 cases were reported and ever since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention began recommending masks for the general public, researchers have been evaluating the best materials for filtering the coronavirus. In the United States, face masks have become an emblem, and in some states a requirement, in the fight against the coronavirus.

Woman wearing medical KN95 face mask, staying home for safety and looking through window during coronavirus pandemic

Non-medical consumers looking for the best protection from COVID-19 will find FDA Certified KN95 respirator masks at the top of the list. These masks exceed the 95% minimum efficacy that N95 masks achieve and feature five layers of fabric that work as a filtration device for viruses, bacteria, droplets, dust, smog, pollen, and other fine airborne particles. They are designed to cover the mouth, nose, and chin to ensure complete coverage and safety. While N95 masks are specifically reserved for healthcare workers and people in the medical field, KN95 masks are popular for their protection, comfort and affordability.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention emphasized in a statement issued on Tuesday that wearing a mask protects the wearer, and not just other people, from the coronavirus. A high-quality KN95 mask, designed to keep droplets and viruses from going in either direction, out or in, can protect both the wearer and those in their surroundings.